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Look anywhere in Ballymun and you will see signs of economic and social regeneration. Signs that people's lifestyles are improving. Ballymun is a community on its way up.

It is an amazing story of urban renewal. But there is still so much more to achieve.

To maintain this extraordinary momentum for change we must work hard, be confident and stay focused on the main prize... a better future for the people of Ballymun, Whitehall & Ballygall. It's worth it.

The Partnership is an agent of positive social and economic change. Our job will only be completed when Ballymun, Whitehall & Ballygall become communities with a natural lifecycle, where people live, are educated productively, get a job and in turn create jobs for others.

Communities that can sustain themselves without further intervention.


Fiona  Descoteaux
Acting CEO
Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership.
Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership
North Mall
Ballymun Shopping Centre
Dublin 11
Company Registration No. 197878
Charitable Status No. CHY1441

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All Welcome


Róisín Shortall T.D. to Launch

‘The Health & Well-being Needs of the

Ballymun/Larkhill Community’ 

Friday 25th January 2013

10am – 12.30pm - Axis Centre, Ballymun 

The event will present the findings of the health needs research

carried out on behalf of the ‘Health for All’ steering group and

outline the Local Health Action Plan which was informed by the report.

It will also include a round table discussion on local primary

healthcare services. The report will be formally

launched by Roisin Shortall T.D. . 

RSVP to Noirin Coghlan (ncoghlan@ballymun.org)

or 01-8423612 



The New Year is around the corner and Decembers Book Exchange brought 231 visitors swapping and choosing new books. 

Thank you to all our visitors and volunteers throughout the year.   Your support has made Book Exchange grow from strength to strength.  We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Book Exchange is back on Thursday 10th January, we hope to see you then.

With the Christmas Holidays almost upon us, our Children’s Book section was as busy as ever.  Some of our young Book Exchangers had given their parents names of authors and books to keep an eye out for.  We received a lot of donations for our Children’s Book Section, all in wonderful condition – our young Book Exchangers take very good care of their favourite reads.

If you receive any book for gifts this Christmas, please post a comment about them on our Facebook page. 

As it is the time for New Year Resolutions, make yours reading more.  The best part is, no gym, exercise or dieting is involved!  What better way to stay cosy on a cold January night than curled up with a book and a cuppa.

We gratefully accept donations, so if you have a book in good condition that you no longer want you can bring it with you or drop it into the Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership office where we run the daily Book Exchange.  Children’s books are especially welcome! 

For more information on Book Exchange please contact

Lynda Flanagan, Book Exchange Development Worker on 01 8423612

Email: bookexchange@ballymun.org






‘Living with Dignity ; - Financial Health for Low Income Families

When: Tuesday 4th December 2012 
Time:  10am – 13.00pm
Where: Axis Centre

The event will include an input from the Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice and Vincent De Paul, a presentation on local experiences of financial stress, a round table discussion on local solutions for low income families.

For further information please contact Noirin Coghlan (ncoghlan@ballymun.org) or Manus Bree (manus@ballymun.org) at 01-8423612

Click here to download our Ready for School Routine Flier            

Click here to download our Bedtime Routine Flier

Click here for information on MISS SCHOOL MISS OUT 2012

Healt For All


The Ballymun Tidy Towns committee are getting ready for another busy year of working with the community to make Ballymun and cleaner, greener and safer place. And they need lots of help . . . from YOU!

Volunteer clean-ups
There will be a series of volunteer clean-up events throughout Ballymun from April - August this year, approximately one every fortnight. Lots of people helping means there’ll be more work done, which means more satisfaction and enjoyment for all participants.
Volunteering would involve:

  • A few hours light work in Ballymun.
  • Safety gear & light refreshments provided.

  • If you are interested in helping out then please contact: Global Action Plan on (01) 862 5846

    Environmental Grant
    Do you and your neighbours need money to clean up your own street area or some other project idea to improve your environment?

    The Ballymun Tidy Towns committee is providing a small environmental grant for local groups to help implement Tidy Towns related environmental projects in their area. [ click here for details & application form ]

    Contact Roger Warburton on (01) 222 8526, roger.warburton@dublincity.ie.

    Computers for College

    Computers for College is a resource guide for students covering essential computer skills for college including:

    • Word processing
    • Essay writing
    • Saving and keeping copies of your work
    • Internet search and Email

    This resource was funded by the Ballymun Whitehall Partnership and developed by DCU in the Community.

    Click here to view the Computers for College Guide >>

    ‘Disability Inclusion in Your Organisation’ Workshop
    10.30am Monday 5th December

    Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership

    The Disability Inclusion Protocol was developed by the Disability Focus Group of the Dublin City Community Forum of which Ballymun Active Disability Interest Group is a member. The document [ click here to download ] is aimed at management, front line staff, and volunteers in all organisations, agencies, clubs and community groups; and is a guide for local organisations to ensure greater involvement of people with disabilities within their community.

    BADIG is asking local community, voluntary and statutory organisations to formally adopt the document and agree to work towards making Ballymun a more inclusive community for people with disabilities.

    Would you please encourage a member of your organisation, ideally someone who has a management function, either paid or voluntary, to attend this workshop. To book a place at the workshop contact Manus Bree manus@ballymun.org or call Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership at 01-8423612.

    International Volunteer Day 2011
    Monday, 5th December.

    This particular day offers an opportunity for volunteer organizations and individual volunteers to make visible their contributions - at local, national and international levels.

    Dublin City North Volunteer Centre and the Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership would like to invite you to join us in the celebration of International Volunteer Day in Ballymun on Monday, 5th December from 1-2pm in Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership, North Mall, Ballymun Town Centre, Dublin 11.

    This is an ideal opportunity for you and your organisation to recognise and value the great contribution that volunteers make to the voluntary and community sector across Ballymun, Whitehall and Santry Area Community!

    It is an opportunity to THANK all your volunteers, but also encourage others to get involved in voluntary activities with your organisation. We would appreciate if you could bring along some literature and leaflets about your organisation that we could display on our Dublin City North Volunteer Centre information stand.

    We would appreciate if you could pass the information on to all your past and current volunteers. Please find attached the poster that we would kindly ask you to place them on your notice board/website.

    We welcome everyone to join us on the day for a cup of tea/coffee and some mince pies.

    If you would like to attend please RSVP to kasia@volunteerdublincitynorth.ie / 086 0471667 or Noirin Coghlan at ncoghlan@ballymun.org / 01-8423612 by 5pm on Friday, 2nd December 2011.

    Click here to view / download a poster promoting this event >>

    A ‘How to influence Policy’ Media Skills Workshop
    will take place on
    Monday 12th December from 9.30am – 4pm
    in the Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership offices.

    The aim of the workshop is to the build capacity of local groups to communicate with policymakers and to improve their communication with local stakeholders.

    The workshop will include a general introduction to the media and how to get your message into the media. Participants will be advised on pitching stories, including developing press releases and notices, and organising media events.

    There will be a particular focus on Social Media, the topics covered include:

  • What is social media, and why is it important?;

  • Establishing and maintaining a Facebook page for your organisation;

  • Using Twitter to promote your organisation’s work.
  • To book a place contact Manus Bree at 01-8423612 or manus@ballymun.org.

    Committee Skills Training

    A Committee Skills training workshop will take place on Tuesday 29th November from 6pm – 9.00pm in the Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership offices.

    The aim of the workshop is to build the capacity of local groups and organisations by enabling them to run more effective and efficient meetings. Some of the topics covered will include; the role and duties of officers, chairperson, secretary, treasurer etc. How prepare for a meeting, to take minutes and set an agenda. But it will also look at identifying and managing difficult behaviors at meetings, looking at the different types of meetings and outlining the principles of meetings.

    Places are limited so we are taking names on a first come first served basis. Please contact Manus Bree at manus@ballymun.org or 01-8423612 to book a place.

    Ballymun Whitehall Education Fair 2011

    “The Beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you”. - BB King.

    There was a great buzz in the air as large numbers of local people came to the Ballymun Whitehall Education Fair 2011 in the Ballymun Civic Centre on Thursday 8th September. Almost 40 organisations involved in education, learning and training talked to over 300 visitors at the Fair about the learning opportunities they have on offer.
    . . . click here to read more and view pictures >>

    eBay for Sellers - Beginners Class
    (dates to be confirmed)

    Ideal for first time users & businesses alike.

    This workshop will provide top tips on 'how to sell' on eBay alongside ideas on how to make money on eBay for people with little or no experience of selling on the site. From low volume sellers to people planning to sell thousands of items per month, the 'eBay for Sellers - Beginners Class' aims to help users to sell with confidence and sharpen their selling skills to improve their efficiency when trading on the site.

    eBay for Sellers - Advanced Class
    (dates to be confirmed)

    Are you already a regular online seller? Are you ready to turn your experience to date into a more serious income stream? If you want to take your business to the next level then this is the workshop for you. Let us show you how to sharpen your online selling skills and develop your selling technique using additional tools available on the world's leading online marketplace. This workshop will equip participants with sufficient knowledge to set up an online eBay shop, start using advanced seller tools, develop a marketing strategy and begin selling internationally.

    To register your interest in this training programme please contact Enterprise Development Executive gerard@ballymun.org or 01 8423612.

    (dates to be confirmed)

    What is eCommerce? It is the buying and selling of goods and services online. A good education in eCommerce is strongly recommended for anyone who wants to get involved in buying and selling online. Focusing on advanced concepts and applications for online trading such as online marketing, Web-based applications, web methodologies and tools for online payment, this workshop will help 'Kick Start' your online eCommerce strategy.

    To register your interest in this training programme please contact Enterprise Development Executive gerard@ballymun.org or 01 8423612.

    How to use Social Media for your business?
    (dates to be confirmed)

    In 2010 – 83 of the top 100 US advertisers switched their marketing budgets into Facebook - Fact.

    Social media benefits companies the most when it’s used as part of an integrated campaign for online promotion of your business. It’s about initialising one-to-one contact with your customers (& potential customers!) and enabling that conversation to continue. Keeping your customers close means more loyalty, more customer retention and more new customers. This workshop will introduce you to the workings of Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and help you develop a Social Media strategy for your business.

    To register your interest in this training programme please contact Enterprise Development Executive gerard@ballymun.org or 01 8423612.

    Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership’s Bulletin
    - Autumn Issue Out Now!

    Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership’s Bulletin is an eight page publication distributed to 6,000 homes in Ballymun, Whitehall, Santry & Ballygall, as well as a range of community, voluntary and statutory organizations in the area, which provides information about activities and developments happening in the community. We also have an online & pdf version which can include extra information and attachments not used in the printed version due to limited space (click to view / download).

    If you or your organisation has information you would like included, or just want to find out more,
    . . . click here >>

    >>>>> Full Calendar of Positive Ageing Week Events in Ballymun Whitehall Area – Click Here <<<<< >>>>> Full Calendar of Positive Ageing Week Events in Ballymun Whitehall Area – Click Here <<<<<

    Quote Required for Enterprise Club Training and Development Programme

    The premise of enterprise clubs is to taper our services towards the development of an outreach scenario.

    Targeting the hardest to reach individuals in the community, we will deliver training and development to the unemployed and lone parents.

    We will develop and deliver ideas generation training for those client groups looking to become self-employed in the outreach locations, enabling them to move onto the standardised Start Your Own Business Programme.

    In addition to the training, the programme will provide unemployed people interested in self-employment with a place to meet and exchange skills, make contacts, share experiences, receive support and encourage each other to work through their business ideas Expected Outcomes

    • Generate awareness of what self-employment is and how to get involved.
    • Individuals will be informed of their existing skillset and will work to understand their skill strengths and weaknesses.
    • Provide unemployed people interested in self-employment with a place to meet and exchange skills, make contacts, share experiences, receive support and encourage each other to work through their business ideas.
    • Provide participants with the knowledge through training and means of setting up a business as a sole trader or corporation.
    • Provision of continued network of likeminded individuals who are embarking upon the new experience in their lives.
    • Provide locals with the means to generate an income.

    If you are interested in delivering this training and development programme please send a programme overview and quote to Fiona Louise Descoteaux, Economic Development Manager, Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership at fiona@ballymun.org by Friday 12th August. (Fiona can also be contacted by phone on 01 842 3612)

    Volunteer Outreach Service in Ballymun

    A drop-in service supported by Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership and delivered by the Dublin City North Volunteer Centre is now based in the Partnership offices in the Ballymun Shopping Centre. This service aims to promote and support volunteering in Ballymun, Whitehall and Santry.

    An outreach worker will be here from 2pm – 5pm on Monday 15th August 2011.

    If you require more information you can visit the Volunteering Ireland website by clicking on www.volunteeringireland.ie or contact Kasia on 01-8722622 or by email at kasia@volunteeringireland.ie.

    . . . click here for information for organizations considering, or who might consider using volunteers >>

    Volunteering Opportunity:
    Outreach Worker with the Ballymun Intercultural Group

    Ballymun Intercultural Group is looking for a volunteers to do outreach work in the local community in order to build relationships with members of the migrant community. It will be the role of the volunteers to promote local intercultural activities and to encourage participation by new communities in Ballymun.

    We are looking for someone who:

  • Is available to volunteer a half day each week/4hours (Exact timing and schedules to be negotiated)
  • Is able to speak another language other than English/Irish
  • Looking to gain experience working with community groups
  • Is willing to work with people of different nationalities
  • This notice in other languages
  • Living in the Ballymun, Whitehall and Santry area
  • Role of an outreach worker would be to:

  • Support and organise local intercultural events
  • Identify where new communities are and ways to connect with them
  • Make contact with community leaders
  • Identify individuals who would be interested in becoming active in Ballymun Intercultural Group
  • Identify and feedback the needs of the migrant community to Ballymun Intercultural Group
  • Attend Ballymun Intercultural Group monthly meetings
  • Please submit your CV to Ballymun Intercultural Group, c/o Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership, Ballymun Town Centre, Ballymun, Dublin 11 or Email BIG@Ballymun.org

    In February, a Metro North themed event was held in the Metro Hotel, Santry Cross on behalf of Ballymun4Business. Presentations were made by Jeremiah Ryan of Active Online and Railway Procurement Agencie's Metro North Project Managers.
    . . . click here to read more and view pictures >>


    Metro North Theme Event
    18th February 2011
    Venue: Metro Hotel Ballymun

    Diary notice of Ballymun4Business
    “Metro North” themed event.

    More information will follow, keep this date free in your diary.

    RSVP to Gerard Mc Loughlin
    Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership
    01 8423612

    Launch/Presentation of Ballymun4Business Website forum
  • Promote Your Business Interest Online
  • Promote Special Offers Online
  • Local Business Directory
  • Professionally Finished Website
  • Business Through Social Media
  • Your Own 3 Page Mini Website
  • Presentation by Railway Procurement Agency
    Dublin City Council “Urban Cargo” Initiative

    Entrepreneurship Through Enterprise

    The ‘360o Entrepreneurship Through Enterprise’ event held in Ballymun Civic Offices by the Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership. The event demonstrated at Partnership level how supports are provided to promote a local entrepreneurial culture. Presentations by entrepreneurs gave an account of the individuals differing experience and objectives in establishing a business and what supports they received along the way.

    . . . click here to read more and view pictures >>

    Dreams OUT OF PLACE...

    Art Installation Inspired by Dream Imagery
    Presented by MARIA PLACE

    Ballymun Resident and M.Phil Candidate in Psychoanalytic Studies, Trinity College Dublin

    Exhibiting now and until the end of January 2011 @ axis, main street ballymun, D9.
    To celebrate this work, axis is also the host venue for a series of talks on Dream Psychology, the Dreamer as Artist, and the Relationship Between the Dream and Our Conscious Environment. As an area of regeneration, Ballymun Residents, Community Projects, Artists and Students may be particularly interested in these topics.

    These three 50-minute sessions will take place on Wednesday 26th January 2011 between 4pm and 7pm
    (Times to be confirmed according to demand).
    Due to available room space, numbers will be limited to 20 places per session so please register your interest with niamh.fitzpatrick@axisballymun.ie By Friday 21 January 2011.

    “Health Advice for the Public During Current Cold Spell”

    General HSE Advice to the Public & Particular Advice Treating Strains & Sprains. Click here for details >>

    Community Health & Pharmacy Partnership Talk
    Learn more about Diabetes

    Register for a diabetes check with Ronan O’Hare of MacManus Pharmacy
    Time: 10.30am — 12.00
    Date: Tuesday 16th November
    Venue: Sillogue Neighbourhood Centre

    For more info contact Liz Staunton in Solas Development Centre at 01-8428368 or Email Ballymunsolas22@gmail.com.

    Practical Steps For Business Survival

    Invitation: Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership
    Monday 22nd November 2010
    Ballymun Civic Offices
    4.00pm - 5.30pm

    Keynote speaker: Sean Gallagher of TV3's Dragon's Den . . . click here for more details >>


    Friday October 29th
    Parnell Park Stadium Dublin 5
    Gates 6:30pm
    Throw In 8:00pm
    Admission Is Free & All Are Welcome

    << Click here to view / print a ticket >>
    For More Information, e-mail gaa@animo.ie

    Ballymun Whitehall Education Fair 2010

    Another action packed Education Fair took place in Ballymun Civic Centre on Thursday 9th of September. Sean Haughey TD, Minister for Lifelong Learning, officially opened the fair in conjunction with special guest, President of DCU, Brian MacCraith.

    . . . click here to read more and view pictures >>

    Ballymun “Shoots for the Moon”

    A recent enterprise programme facilitated by the Partnership, and delivered in Trinity Comprehensive to transition year students, has been reported and published by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Their publication ‘Shooting for the Moon- Good Practices in Youth Entrepreneurship Support’ highlights the efforts being made in Ballymun in developing an entrepreneurial culture among second level students. The successful outcomes of the programme are principally down to engagement between student and teacher, the Partnerships enterprise strategy, and support delivered by working partners, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship Ireland (NFTE).

    For further information please contact Gerard Mc Loughlin, Enterprise Development Executive, gerard@ballymun.org.

    . . . click here (or on the picture) to view / download a copy of the OECD report >>

    ‘Local Businesses Looking after the Local Business Environment’

    Ballymun Whitehall Enterprise Centre
    Monday 13th September
    8.00am – 9.30am

    . . . click here to find out more >>

    "Celebrity Bainisteoir”
    A Community Celebration:- All Welcome to Attend!

    Sunday 10th October 2010
    Ballymun Kickhams Home Ground,
    Airport Road

    No Parking at Ballymun Kickhams
    Transport to and from Match Provided
    First Pick Up Point the Autobhan
    Second Pick Up Point the Ballymun Town Center
    From 12.30pm on

    Events & Schedule

    • Schools Filming - Film will take place in Sacred Heart and St Kevin’s on the Thursday before the match.
    • Schools Poster competition - Is starting this week in Sacred Heart – being organised through Kevin Brady & Mr. Brennan.
    • School Blitz - Schedule to take place the Friday before the event. Paul will contact Paddy Christie to confirm this will go ahead and Paddy/James to start making arrangements.
    • Main Event. - Start time agreed at 1pm with main match starting at 3pm.
    • Running order
      • 1pm-2pm Juvenile matches – 2 matches played at the same time.
      • 2pm-3pm – Samba band & general build up to the match
      • 3pm – Throw-in main match
      • Half time – skills competition (to be judged by Hubby/Philly/Denise – Dubs Players)
    • Juvenile matches – U10’s & U14’s will be playing against Nobber on the day.
    • IKEA will supply 70 lunch voucher which we can distribute to the juvenile players on the day.
    • O’Neill’s giveaways for the winners of this competition.
    • The Dublin ladies team will be asked to come to the event with the cup.







    Social Enterprise Task Force (SETF) Manifesto

    In January 2010 the Economic Development Manager of the Partnership was one of a group of people invited by Dublin Employment Pact, Clann Credo and the Social Investment Fund to focus specifically on how to promote the concept and the common interests of the social enterprise sector.

    The result was the Social Enterprise Task Force (SETF) which set itself the mission of developing a Manifesto that would identify the practical ways in which national and local policy could create a more supportive and receptive framework for social enterprise.

    Social enterprise can play a very significant role in national recovery. This role has many aspects: economic, social and the generation of a ‘can do’ community spirit that would help drive that recovery. The potential of the sector is simply staggering, and its consistent underestimation represents the neglect of a great opportunity.

    . . . click here to view / download a copy of the manifesto with it's key recommendations >>

    Upskill under the Labour Market Activation Fund 2010

    Tánaiste and Minister for Education and Skills, Mary Coughlan T.D. has today announced that 6,589 training places will be made available to the unemployed.

    Nearly €20million has been ring-fenced to provide the courses in a range of different locations targeting the less-skilled, and those formerly employed in declining sectors such as construction, retail and manufacturing, with particular emphasis on the under 35s and the long-term unemployed . . . click here to read more >>

    Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership’s Bulletin
    - Summer Issue Out Now!

    Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership’s Bulletin is an eight page publication distributed to 6,000 homes in Ballymun, Whitehall, Santry & Ballygall, as well as a range of community, voluntary and statutory organizations in the area, which provides information about activities and developments happening in the community. We also have an online & pdf version which can include extra information and attachments not used in the printed version due to limited space (click to view / download).

    If you or your organisation has information you would like included, or just want to find out more,
    . . . click here >>

    Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) in Trinity Comprehensive School

    (NFTE) Ireland is an international non profit organisation with almost twenty years experience of teaching entrepreneurship skills to young people. “Enterprising Ballymun”, an NFTE pilot for secondary schools, provided students with the opportunity to shape and enhance their own entrepreneurial skills through the medium of enterprise . . . click here to find out more >>

    "Survival is the New Success"
    Employer Led Forum

    Survival is the New Success was the first meeting of 52 employers and businesses within Ballymun and North Dublin to look at an approach to counteract the challenges faced by local employers and business due to the downturn . . . click here to read more >>

    A New Database for the Ballymun Trainers Network!

    In late 2008, a sub-group of the Ballymun Trainers Network began to research setting up a database of Trainers from the local area. This year, the Network along with the expertise of Ian Smith of Noise Multimedia has moved the database from a vision into a reality!
    . . . click here to find out more >>

    In Partnership

    - Examples of the Work of Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership in the local community in relation to Education.

    Click here to read about the broad range of work and programmes of the Education and Childhood Development sections of the Partnership.

    Up and Coming Training Programmes for 2010

    "Ask not what your Partnership can do for you, but what we can achieve in Partnership . . ."

    Below is a link to a list of training programmes and business development supports available from the Partnership to aid you in becoming a competent Entrepreneur. Supports are developed for those considering self employment as a means to generating income, and increasing their personal or professional successes. Surround yourself with successful perspectives, stay focused on core goals, be mentally and physically present, and develop a positive consciousness, and most importantly, start now. Achieve with us in Partnership!
    Click here for more details of the variety of training programmes available from BWAP >>

    "Discovering a new purpose . . . pursuing a new path." - Jack Canfield, Life / Success Coach
    Click here for a YouTube taster video from Jack >>

    For further information about BWAP's Training Programmes, please contact Gerard Mc Loughlin Ph: 01 8423612 or alternatively gerard@ballymun.org.

    Traveller Focus Week lunchtime performance
    Date: Wednesday 2nd December
    Time: 1.00pm
    Venue: Axis, Ballymun

    ‘Mobile’ is written and performed by Michael Collins, a member of the Irish Traveller community who has been an advocate of Traveller human rights for over 20 years. Michael would be most known for the role of Johnny Connors in RTE’s ‘Glenroe’, which he starred in for over 10 years.

    ‘Mobile’ looks at the dilemma of a Traveller man who is matched off to fight another Traveller to settle a family dispute. The fellow who he is to fight is not only his cousin but they are also married to two sisters. The play explores the issue of internal fighting within the Traveller community through eyes of Peter one of the combatants who is faced with the dilemma: “Will I or won’t I fight?”. This exciting play will challenge audience perceptions of the Traveller community while highlighting the role of the outside community in contributing to the issue.

    Michael will also facilitate a Q&A session after this performance.

    For further information about Traveller Focus Week contact Hazel Murphy (St. Margaret’s Travellers Community Assoc.) on 8622144 or Manus Bree (Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership) on 8423612. To make a booking call Axis Box Office : Tel. 01-883 2100.

    This event is being organized by St. Margaret’s Travellers Community Association, Ballymun Intercultural Group, Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership and supported by Dublin City Council and axis, Ballymun as part of Traveller Focus Week 2009.

    Supporting Parents is Supporting Children

    Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership (BWAP) have launched the Directory of Support Services for Parents in the Ballymun Whitehall Area.


    Click here to view / download a copy of the Directory in Adobe® Acrobat format >>

    DCU Ryan Academy Calls for National Social Enterprise Strategy
    (www.dcu.ie October 22nd, 2009)

    Ryan Academy for Entrepreneurship
    The Ryan Academy for Entrepreneurship, the DCU entrepreneurship centre based in Citywest, has called on the government to formulate a strategy for the development of the social economy in Ireland, at a talk on innovation in the social enterprise sector held in DCU as part of the ‘Innovation Dublin’ week. The aim of the strategy should be to stimulate this sector of the economy which not only provides urgently needed services to the less well off but also is a major provider of jobs. As government pull out of funding essential services, many social entrepreneurs are filling the gaps, as could be seen at the Social Entrepreneurs Ireland awards event held earlier this week in Dublin, with President Mary McAleese presiding . . . click here to read more >>

    Ballymun Job Centre BWAP Logo

    The Millennium Partnership Fund was discontinued in August 2010

    Click here for details >>

    Information session on the opportunities available through the Irish Stock Exchange for small businesses

    The BASE Enterprise Centre in conjunction with the Irish Stock Exchange and Enterprise Centre – Ireland East have the pleasure of inviting you to an information session in the Irish Stock Exchange, 28 Anglesea Street, Dublin 2 on Wednesday 7th October 2007 for 6.00 p.m.

    Click here to read more >>          Click here to view / download a booking form >>

    Creative Industries: Your Time Has Come . . .

    CreativeD is a network-based business support programme designed for the creative industries. Its aim is to define, develop and promote creative businesses in Dublin. CreativeD is part of a wider European initiative which is being mirrored in a number of other locations. It is funded by Dublin City Council, The Digital Hub, the Dublin City and County Enterprise Boards and ECCE.

    . . . click here to

    Towards Economic Regeneration

    In June of this year the Economic Development Manager of the Partnership was selected as one of fourteen Economic Development professionals to embark upon the Towards Economic Regeneration program to the USA through the Boston College Irish Institute. The program participants included economic strategists, government policymakers, business leaders and academics
    . . . click here to

    “Not Waiting on IKEA Anymore!!!!!” A weight of anticipation was heavy in the air; a significant event was due to mark a massive turning point for Ballymun and North County Dublin. The opening of IKEA brought with it a carnival atmosphere. The fast music, fast dancing, and the strong beat of Samba drums tried to capture the importance of the moment, but it was the roar of the crowd that did it best. “IKEA!! IKEA!! IKEA!!” . . . click here to read more >>

    Increased Economic Activity in Ballymun

    Following an extensive communications strategy by the Economic Development Department, to highlight the increased level of economic opportunities in the area, has resulted in various news articles within Local and National media. This has culminated in a RTE 6:01 News documentary highlighting the extensive range of opportunity available in the Ballymun area (see link below) and various news articles within National and local papers.
    . . . click here for more details >>

    "Retail Incubation Space" A Good News Story

    The Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership are delight to announce the establishment of a partnership between Ballymun Town Centre Ltd. and the Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership. This partnership involves the promotion of unoccupied retail outlets in the Ballymun Town Centre as a “Retail Incubation Space”. This retail incubation space will allow businesses to establish a presence in the area and test the viability of the retail market in Ballymun
    . . . click here to

    “16th Annual Conference on Multi-Organisational Partnerships, Alliances and Networks (MOPAN) Visit Ballymun”

    The 16th Annual Conference on Multi-Organisational Partnerships, Alliances and Networks (MOPAN) visited Ballymun as part of their conference itinerary on the 18th June 2009. MOPAN is an international gathering of academics who meet on an annual basis to discuss common themes and objectives in current academic debate. Academics come as far as Portugal, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, China, United States of America, Ireland and Great Britain . . . click here to read more >>

    Talkin’ bout my generation

    Talkin' 'Bout My Generation – Intergenerational Local History Project

    Are you aged 55 or over? Would you like to become a Volunteer and help today’s children understand what life was like when you were growing up? Now is your chance to do just that.

    . . . click here to find out more >>

    Ballymun Intercultural Group will hold a voter registration drive at Ballymun Library Wednesday 6th May from 15.00 - 20.00.

    The aim of the drive is to encourage non-Irish citizens to register to vote, so they can use their vote in the European & Local Elections on Friday 5th June 2009.

  • EU Citizens can vote in European & Local Elections

  • Non – EU Citizens can vote in Local elections only
  • Those wishing to register should bring some photographic identification: passport, driving license, ID card etc.

    Anybody wishing to register to vote after this date must fill in a supplementary voter registration form and submit it to the City Council by Monday 18th May. It must be stamped at a local Garda Station to verify identification.

    Click her for a full voter registration form >>.
    Click her for a full voter change of address form >>.

    Completed forms can be sent by Freepost to : Franchise Section , Dublin City Council, 16/19 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2.

    Accessdublin.ie Information Workshop - Friday 29th May

    Ballymun Active Disability Interest Group & Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership are organizing an information workshop on Dublin City Council’s new online accessibility consultation tool: www.accessdublin.ie.

    The website has been developed to assist people who might require information, assistance and guidance relating to accessibility issues in the city.

    The workshop will take place on: Friday 29th May from 11.30 – 12.30 in Ballymun Jobs Centre.

    To book a place, please email manus@ballymun.org or call 01 842 3612.

    Ballymun Tidy Towns Competitions 2009

    All entries to be received before June 30th, 2009, and judging will take place before 31st July. The Prize ceremony will take place in the Civic Centre, Ballymun, in September 2009.

    Click her for general information & an application form >>.
    Click her for outline area judging criteria >>.
    Click her for garden judging criteria >>.

    Massive Return on Significant Investment

    Participants on a life coach training programme “Invest in Yourself” recently received Certificates of Achievement in recognition of their hard work and endeavor
    . . .